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About Us

Educational Goals

According to these funding goals and in support of the University’s strategic development plan, the DOSH provides curriculum and learning activities aiming to achieve the following educational goals:

For the undergraduate program:
1. Nurture professional competence and moral responsibility for students,
2. Strengthen students’ communication skills and basic knowledge,
3. Emphasize the applications of theory into the real-world settings.

For the graduate program:
1. Strengthen students’ ability to think critically and communicate effectively,
2. Participate in occupational safety and health research,
3. Foster the ability to apply principles to real-world problems.

Upon graduation, we expect students are prepared to play important roles in the practice of occupational safety and health in private industries, local governments, and national institutions, aiming to improve work environments and reduce occupational hazards. Last but not least, we also expect graduates possess humanistic quality and moral responsibility, basic linguistic and communicative skills, an ability to resolve problems, and a habit for continual learning, all of which are crucial to facing the ever-changing global environment.


Department of Occupational Safety and Health, College of Public Health, China Medical University, Taiwan
No.100, Sec. 1, Jing-Mao Road, Taichung City, Taiwan 40604, R.O.C 886-4-22967979 ext. 6201