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For the B.S. degree in occupational safety and health, a minimum of 128 credits is required. Among the 98 obligatory credits, they include 28 credits are general education courses, 24 credits are in the Interdisciplinary Freshman Program of Public Health courses, and 46 credits in the DOSH courses. The remaining 30 credits are elective courses, in which 20 credits must be taken within the DOSH or the Interdisciplinary Freshman Program of Public Health. In the freshmen year, students enroll in the Interdisciplinary Freshman Program of Public Health and take mostly general education and basic courses offered by the three Departments in the College of Public Health. At this time students are given an opportunity to find their interest and make their own decisions on their major Department by the end of the first year. In the sophomore year, students are provided with occupational safety and health core courses. In the junior year, a number of laboratory courses and a 2-month summer internship give students invaluable hands-on experiences, as well as opportunities to put theory into practice. In the senior year, students elect advanced courses that are geared towards their specific interests.

B.S. degree course requirements

To accommodate students’ various interests, the DOSH provides students with study roadmaps towards five specific fields of specialty, including occupational health, occupational safety, industrial management, environmental management, and common courses. In addition, the DOSH proudly offers a certificate program in Environmental Management.

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