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Career Opportunities

Due to our comprehensive course design (see our curriculum), the DOSH graduates from the B.S. program are eligible to take certification/license exam for labor safety and health technicians (Level B). Graduates from the M.S. program, upon fulfilling the required coursework, are to take certification/license exams for labor safety (or health) professionals (Level A). These licenses are prerequisite for safety and health related positions in the industries. This therefore plays advantages of career preparation over graduates from other fields of studies, from who have to pass examinations to become certified technicians or professionals. In addition to serving the industries, a number of graduates go on to advanced studies in the fields of occupational medicine and health, environmental sciences and engineering, and environmental engineering.
The DOSH graduates find positions in the general areas of labor safety and health, environmental health sciences, and environmental sciences and engineering, including but not limited to (1) manager of safety and health affairs, (2) labor safety (or health) professional, (3) labor safety and health technician, (4) labor inspection officer, (5) emergency response engineer, (6) industrial processes safety engineer, (7) safety and health consultant, and (8) researcher in small businesses, large corporations, government agencies, colleges and universities, insurance companies, occupational/environmental consulting firms, etc. A recent alumni survey shows that, among the 321 DOSH graduates, approximately 60% of them are holding positions in the area of labor safety and health, and 20% are pursuing higher degrees in the academia. Nevertheless, according to the latest statistics, there is still a large, unmet demand for safety and health professionals in Taiwan.
Above highlights the DOSH’s dedication to educational excellence, and efforts/accomplishments in preparing students to fill in the societal demand for protecting workers’ health and well-being.

Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., Ltd.


Startech Instruments Co., Ltd.
Foxconn Electronics Inc. AGC Display Glass Taiwan Co., Ltd.

A sample of talks given by corporate representatives about OSH practices and trends in the industry.


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